Software Integration and Modernization


Fed up with spending money on a slow legacy IT system that doesn’t perform? We’ll build you a powerful replacement that helps, not hinders your business. Our software integration services help businesses get more out of their software assets.

As your business grows and matures, demands on your information technology architecture become increasingly complex and the need for agility increases exponentially. New services and functionality become integrated and add to the overall cost of maintenance and impede the adoption of new business processes. Your business needs a solution that improves performance across your entire application infrastructure and allows for greater flexibility and lower cost to help you remain competitive and embrace new opportunities. When a legacy system becomes too much of a strain on resources and budget, companies prefer to turn to us for legacy maintenance, support, or modernization. Zeeaam’s application modernization services help keep our clients ahead of the competition. We’re committed to ensuring businesses get the greatest value out of their IT assets. That means taking a fresh look at legacy applications and determining how judicious upgrades can eliminate issues and support better business processes.

Maintaining legacy coding and software programs has become an important, time-consuming issue for many businesses today. As companies merge with one another, the need to support and maintain legacy systems and programs is growing. Rather than direct their own IT experts’ resources on maintaining legacy software, companies today are outsourcing this work to offshore software engineers and consultants to free up their own developers to work on next generation programs and systems.